About us

If Culturaltdelete were a person, it’d be a newborn baby, born in 2020. That’s why we occasionaly shall be changing CSSdiapers while teaching this thing how to stand on it’s legs. Culturaltdelete is a project by 4 dutch guys with a lifelong passion for reviewing games, gadgets, movies and music. We wanna see what it can become as it grows, and adjust where needed. We’ve been reviewing games for as long as we’ve been playing them, and have previously been writing articles about music and games for Thefindmag, Gamekings.Tv and more, and all have a background in the video game and / or music world in some way or another. For now the focus will be to write in depth reviews and articles about the stuff that matters to us, while also trying to improve our English vocabulary.

If you feel the urge to communicate with us, hit us up at culturaltdelete@gmail.com! We’re also open for additions to our roster.

From left to right: Madse Krivokutya, Jelger Staal, Dimitri Janssen, Jasper Staal